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This institute established in Isfahan University of Technology 9n 1984 originally going by the name of “Hydrodynamic and Aerodynamic Research Center in the field of the design  and Manufacturing of Submersibles”. In 1992 this name change to the “Subsea Research & Development Center” after gaining the approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

This center with over 5000 square meters in area, includes separate research, workshop and laboratory spaces. It also takes pride in its research groups and specialized departments and support facilities.

This center’s specialized academic strive to achieve the following goals :

  • Practical research leading t development of advanced marine technology and manufacturing of sea and subsea equipment according to national and international needs.
  • A collection of scientific marine engineering research resulting in the generation of applied sciences and engineering know-how at a national and international scale.
  • The educational and training of specialized personnel, the compilation and publication of practical finding and maritime research at a national and international scale.

To achieve these aims the center is divided into different groups. These groups are as follows :

  • Hydrodynamic Research Group
  • Structures & Materials  Research Group
  • Electricity & Navigation Research Group

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