Records of completed projects :

  1. Design and construction of the first Midjet class submarines called Al-Sabahat.
  2. Participate in the design and construction of a semi-heavy class submarine called Al-sabehat 3.
  3. Design and construction of the first wet submarine in the country called Al-sabehat 7.
  4. Participation in the studies led to the establishment of the Isfahan Scientific Research Town.
  5. Creating the Center for the Development of Subsurface Robots Requirements and Design (ROV) and Manufacturing & Different Types of Robots.
  6. Creating the Center for the Development of Monitoring Technologies, Measurement and Forecasting of Marine Properties, Measurement and prediction of marine characteristics, Design and manufacture of different types of buoys, installation, setting & using In different marine areas of the country & Implement a national macro plan related to this issue.
  7. Design and manufacture kind of  mooring buoys.
  8. Creating  Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) development center.
  9. First Editing of the Road map of the development of subsurface technologies in the country Leading to Adoption of the National Macro Plan for the Development and Localization of Subsurface Technologies.
  10. Synthesis of coatings and materials and design implementation in cladding .
  11. Different designs of monitoring and corrosion control of offshore installations.
  12. Design and manufacture  of marine floating body cleaning robots in the water.
  13. Design and implementation of marine buoy simulators.
  14. Design and manufacture of underwater mechanical arms.


Achievements :

  • Design and manufacture of underwater inspection and operation robots (ROVs)
  • Design and manufacture of marine characteristics measurement systems (Buoys)
  • Designed and manufactured underwater unmanned vehicles (AUVs)
  • Design and Implementation of Submersible Floating Software Simulators
  • Design and manufacture of hull cleaning systems (cleaners)
  • Design and Implementation of Marine Facilities Corrosion Monitoring and Cladding Petroleum Regulators
  • Corrosion control in marine equipment and structures
  • Design and manufacture of permanent magnet motor PM